Holiday home and villa in the Tuscan countryside

Villa Cerbaie is ideal for your holidays, celebrations, anniversaries and receptions.


Villa Cerbaie your holiday home, immersed in the green of the tuscan countryside. The perfect place for parties, party, celebrations, anniversaries and evenings with friends. Located a few steps from the most important tourist and holiday resorts in Tuscany.

Villa Cerbaie vista entrata cancello (foto 0138)
Villa Cerbaie vista entrata cancello e viale (foto 0142)

As soon as you arrive you can admire the beauty of the landscape surrounding the area of Cerbaie.

From the outside Villa Cerbaie looks completely fenced and at the entrance we find a large and fresh outdoor parking, which can be used to host all guests during parties or receptions.

Entering the main gate we have access to the driveway and parking inside the villa.

The green

The one thing that immediately catches your eye and which you can admire, is the huge park surrounding the villa with plants and flowers typical of our region and a turf always shaved so flawless.

Villa Cerbaie vista parco a sinistra (foto 0021)
Villa Cerbaie vista angolo frontale (foto 0024)
Villa Cerbaie lato destro da cancello (foto 0019)

The pool

In the Park, on the right side of the villa, you find the pool, another marvel and other great attraction for anyone wanting a real summer relaxation.

Villa Cerbaie piscina lato (foto 0013)

The pool is lit internally and has an area of 72 square meters (12 mt. x 6 mt.) 1.40 meters deep with filtration systems and water purification.

Nearby you can find a heated water shower, comfortable chairs and a little further a gazebo with table and chairs for dining or poolside parties and receptions.

Villa Cerbaie piscina lato (foto 0034)
Villa Cerbaie piscina e sdraie (foto 0043)
Villa Cerbaie vista parco di lato (foto 0054)
Villa Cerbaie vista parco dietro (foto 0045)

The park

One thing you will never lack at Villa Cerbaie is space!

Around the pool you can find a children’s play area with swings and small football, table tennis and table football for cheerful games with family or friends. While at the back of the villa and on the opposite side you can find all the space you may need for quiet walks in the midst of fruit and forest trees.

Villa Cerbaie vista parco a destra (foto 0032)
Villa Cerbaie vista parco dietro (foto 0046)
Villa Cerbaie loggiato (foto 0030)
Villa Cerbaie loggiato destra (foto 0433)

Under the porch we have the wood stove to make pizzas and roasts at pool side, and a little further away in an outdoor barbecue stand.

Always below the porch you can find some tables for lunches and dinners with family and friends, under the covered terrace or in the middle of the park.

Villa Cerbaie viale e barbecue (foto 0022)
Villa Cerbaie viale e barbecue (foto 0023)
Villa Cerbaie cancello notte (foto 0239)
Villa Cerbaie piscina verde notte (foto 0247)
Villa Cerbaie entrata notte (foto 0271)
Villa Cerbaie piscina viola notte (foto 0252)
Villa Cerbaie vista frontale (png sketch 0831 510)

The night out, watching the stars…

Imagine the romantic dinners by the pool with your loved one, enhanced by evocative interior water lighting indoor water and wonderful outdoor lighting of the park.

And walks around the house between fruit plants, flowers and trees characteristic of the Tuscan region.

All with complete peace of mind because the estate is completely fenced and guarded at night by security service.

Villa Cerbaie piscina lato (png sketch 0830 510)
Villa Cerbaie gazebo e piscina viola notte (foto 0267)
Villa Cerbaie piscina azzurra notte (foto 0262)
Villa Cerbaie piscina rossa notte (foto 0250)
Villa Cerbaie piscina verde notte (foto 0248)
Villa Cerbaie cucina (foto 0056)
Villa Cerbaie cucina (foto 0057)
Villa Cerbaie cucina (foto 0061)

The kitchen

Inside you can find a comfortable and spacious kitchen with all major appliances, equipped with an extendable table for 7 places, chairs and benches.

The salon

From here you can access the room with its huge fireplace, which makes up the winter nights, ideal for roasting and chestnuts cheerful chats around the fire. The room has a large table with bench and chairs for 7 seats, a game table with 4 seats and green cloth ideal for card games and everything you need for happy moments with friends.

Through the arches we can access the part of the room with two comfortable sofas for 6-8 persons, ideal to relaxation in front of the television or to celebrate with family and friends near the mobile section bar with some reputable liquors and spirits for making wonderful aperitifs and cocktails.

The TV service provides a complete package of satellite movies and sports. There is also a games console.

Through the large glass doors, you can get out the pool side or onto the back of the villa with its plants, flowers, and its large park for relaxing strolls.

Villa Cerbaie tavolo sala (foto 0067)
Villa Cerbaie camino sala (foto 0071)
Villa Cerbaie tavolino verde sala (foto 0074)
Villa Cerbaie archi sala (foto 0084)
Villa Cerbaie divani e angolo sala (foto 0078)
Villa Cerbaie mobile bar sala (foto 0080)
Villa Cerbaie mobile bar sala (foto 0081)

The bathroom on the ground floor

Also on the ground floor we can find the first of the bathrooms in the house. In fact, the villa has 3 bathrooms, two of them upstairs, complete with shower and bath.

Villa Cerbaie bagno piano terra (foto 0430)
Villa Cerbaie bagno piano terra (foto 0426)
Villa Cerbaie bagno piano terra (foto 0428)
Villa Cerbaie scale interne (foto 0087)
Villa Cerbaie scale interne (foto 0090)
Villa Cerbaie scale interne (foto 0093)

The staircase

To move upstairs we go from an elegant staircase covered in wood and a soft rug, illuminated by lights and windows features.

The corridor

At the top we find the hallway, complete with air conditioning service, overlooking all rooms with elegant parquet flooring.

The wood covers the entire surface of the stairs and upstairs.

Villa Cerbaie corridoio piano superiore (foto 0112)
Villa Cerbaie corridoio piano superiore (foto 0129)
Villa Cerbaie camera prima (foto 0096)

The dream room

In the first room we can find an elegant wrought iron double bed with a cot with safety rails for younger children.

Then a large wardrobe with drawers and bedside tables.

Villa Cerbaie camera prima (foto 0097)
Villa Cerbaie camera seconda (foto 0114)

The relaxation room

The second bedroom also has an elegant wrought iron bed and also a beautiful decorated cabinet, chest of drawers and bedside tables.

Villa Cerbaie camera seconda (foto 0117)
Villa Cerbaie camera seconda (foto 0115)
Villa Cerbaie camera mansarda (foto 0106)

The room under the stars

We also have a particularly pretty attic room, consisting of two beds separated by a bedside table, wardrobe, a desk chair, a chest of drawers bookcase and finally a small bathroom, with window looking out onto roof.

Villa Cerbaie camera mansarda (foto 0104)
Villa Cerbaie camera mansarda (foto 0109)
Villa Cerbaie bagno mansarda (foto 0103)
Villa Cerbaie bagno mansarda (foto 0102)
Villa Cerbaie bagno mansarda (foto 0101)

The writer’s room

The fourth bedroom is composed of cot, desk chair, wardrobe and chest of drawers, shelves and refined decorative squares.

Villa Cerbaie camerina (foto 0124)
Villa Cerbaie camerina (foto 0123)

4 x 7 + 1

All for a total of four bedrooms with seven beds plus a mobile cot with fall arrest device for children.

Villa Cerbaie camerina (foto 0125)

Complete protection from mosquitoes!

All rooms, both at the lower level and at the upper floor are protected against mosquitoes and insects using mosquito nets installed on all windows.

Villa Cerbaie bagno piano superiore (foto 0121)

The main bathroom

Finally, the main bathroom with elegant finishes, equipped with bathtub and everything you need for the utmost in comfort and relaxation.

Villa Cerbaie bagno piano superiore (foto 0120)
Villa Cerbaie bagno piano superiore (foto 0119)
Villa Cerbaie asciugamani (foto 0229)

And it doesn't stop there!

Book today for a free visit to our villa, so you can see with your eyes everything that can guaranty you an unforgettable holiday in Tuscany.

Villa Cerbaie asciugamani (foto 0227)